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Late Night Techno Vol. 10

Late Night Techno Vol 10
Late Night Techno Vol 10

Late Nigh Techno Vol. 10 Features ”Down” from the Event Horizon EP ”Up & Down” by Mikael Monton & M.E.E.O.

Late Night Techno presents tracks and remixes from Bob Ray, Antonio Brandolini, Simone Arcangeli, Night Movers, Teknoize, Acki, Gino G (CA), Madison, Sopik, Jelly For The Babies, Ed Whitty, Joshua Calleja, Steve Mulder, Stanny Abram, Da Fresh, Aurelio Mendoza, James Bong, Multiples, David Blake, Oscar Escapa, Lander B, Kleyn Jr., DJ Dextro, Tawa Girl, Morphling, Keif, D.opa, Pumio, Freakiss, Vincent Hiest & Digital Session, Margo Mango, Assuc, Mikael Monoton & M.E.E.O

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Mikael Monoton & M.E.E.O – Up & Down

Mikael Monoton & M.E.E.O - Up & Down
Mikael Monoton & M.E.E.O – Up & Down

Event Horizon presents a new intense and dark techno EP. A collaboration between M.E.E.O and well renowned producer and DJ Mikael Monoton. This powerful EP will take you on a journey down below the ground and up through the ceiling at the same time! ’Up’ is a heavy duty techno track, while ’Down’ is a more introvert experience. Both tracks being meticulously designed for the dance floor they are guaranteed to get the crowd rocking.

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Yggdrasil – Ratatosk, 71 Degrees North

71 NorthWinds, seemingly ceaseless, sweep across the barren moon-like landscape of rocks and fjords less than 2,000 kilometres from the magnetic North Pole. Traces of nine months of winter and Arctic hurricanes are visible on the weather-beaten houses along the Norwegian coast. In the night sky displays of northern lights dance in the darkness, a sun-expelled darkness that is fortified and complete for three months each year. Blue-purple tones are visible on the polar night horizon from mid November to early February. Roads, harbours and airports are closed due to severe weather systems and villages are cut off from the outside world for days on end. One can only guess where the sun is.

Each year, however, the sun returns as though a miracle. The people celebrating its arrival with sun buns and hot chocolate. Perched in the sky from mid May to the end of July, the midnight sun brings about an explosion of verdure. Whales and seals swim close to shore where reindeers prepare themselves for the end of the short summer. Once more life prospers in the Arctic. Everything green soon transforms into a rustic orange, however, and winter engulfs again the northernmost point of mainland Europe, tightening its grip.

This is life at 71 Degrees North – where nature rules.


released 25 May 2014

Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart.
Mastered by Colin (OOOD) at the Stooodio, Bristol, UK.
Compiled by Kiriyama.
Cat#: DVSMDIG004

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Ludvigson & Marchione – The Apolitical Hymn (Remixes)

dansant173 - The Apolitical HymnFollowing last month’s release of ’The Apolitical Hymn’ on the Mareld label, we are pleased to offer two brilliant remixes. With the groovy, deep and analog techno mix, John H & M.E.E.O are stepping out of the shadows that have kept them hidden since their appearance on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label last year. Set in an experimental electronic soundscape, Mechanist’s downbeat remix offers an ambient, hypnotic, almost spiritual experience.

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How The Sun Was Made – VA

How The Sun Was MadeOnce the Sun – the presener of light and life, while being put over through the Heavenly ocean, has dropped a flow of rays on our planet. Sun light became a radiant net and, mixing up with water and fire, has filled the Еarth and the Air with life, having shared light of the soul. Penetrating the past, present and future rays of light have united in one flow of energy and the color of a new day has been born. At the sunrise young light joins our infinite dreams to a reality, reflects truth in our eyes in the afternoon, and stays on our faces at sunset reminding of infinite secret communication of our minds and nature