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Gothenburg based label founded in 2013 by John H & M.E.E.O, focusing on acid, electro, techno and related styles. Releasing music from a small roster of dedicated artists from both Europe and the US, every release is unique, skipping the usual formulaic structures of other labels, giving the artists maximum freedom of expression, passing on their love and passion for the music to the listener.

M.E.E.O – Highlight Me Please

MEEO - Highlight Me PleaseThis is my debut album, and first release on a label. But, that was way back… Huge thanks to Deamon Tea Recordings for releasing it!


1 Grow To Become A Child 8:12
2 Loads Of Laughter 8:52
3 Ball Of Gum 8:53
4 Lowrider Mono To Phono 8:47
5 Dumble My Humble 8:38
6 Mandelbitter 8:30
7 Recorde De La Tisco 7:33
8 Not As Animal As An Animal 7:37
9 Everyone Is Looking 8:46


 Reviewed by: hexakosioi December 18, 2008

”Listen people, we are obviously in a time of new fresh ideas, and in my book ”meeo Highlight Me Please” holds a righteous place here. This is some good stuff here. I just adore smart music; music that teases your mind flirts with it. There is a great element of metamorphesim in almost every track. Sort of reminds me of M-C-Escher’s paintings. The music constantly evolves and transformes into different though relative patterns.

Most of the tracks are ok to be honest, but as I said before it tries to make you think what the next move is. So it is very creative. That being said, Dumble My Humble is one of the best songs I have heard in a while, it is simply superb.

I also love how the artist plays with names here. Get it if you want fun and creative music.”