MEEO - Highlight Me PleaseThis is my debut album, and first release on a label. But, that was way back… Huge thanks to Deamon Tea Recordings for releasing it!


1 Grow To Become A Child 8:12
2 Loads Of Laughter 8:52
3 Ball Of Gum 8:53
4 Lowrider Mono To Phono 8:47
5 Dumble My Humble 8:38
6 Mandelbitter 8:30
7 Recorde De La Tisco 7:33
8 Not As Animal As An Animal 7:37
9 Everyone Is Looking 8:46


 Reviewed by: hexakosioi December 18, 2008

”Listen people, we are obviously in a time of new fresh ideas, and in my book ”meeo Highlight Me Please” holds a righteous place here. This is some good stuff here. I just adore smart music; music that teases your mind flirts with it. There is a great element of metamorphesim in almost every track. Sort of reminds me of M-C-Escher’s paintings. The music constantly evolves and transformes into different though relative patterns.

Most of the tracks are ok to be honest, but as I said before it tries to make you think what the next move is. So it is very creative. That being said, Dumble My Humble is one of the best songs I have heard in a while, it is simply superb.

I also love how the artist plays with names here. Get it if you want fun and creative music.”