Techgnosis label co-founders Basilisk and Ben Rama have joined forces for this, the monumental 7th Volume of Techgnosis Records’ eponymous compilation series. Spanning across the entirety of the label’s sonic spectrum, this 12-track journey into progressive and psychedelic techno will surely find it’s way into many carts and charts (and hearts!)


  1. Pórvaldr – Flubber Mind [Original Mix]
  2. Spoonhead – Wild Horses [Original Mix]
  3. Redshift – Iron Arbor [Original Mix]
  4. M.E.E.O – Disbelief [Original Mix]
  5. Anyer Quantum – Promiscuous Mode (Metatron) [Original Mix]
  6. Unicorn Hunters – Chasseurs De Licornes [Original Mix]
  7. L-XIR – Code Breakers [Original Mix]
  8. Oryza (IN) – Shadowfax [Original Mix]
  9. Multi Tul – Analysis-Paralysis [Original Mix]
  10. Audible Thought, Reuben Stroud – War on Consciousness [Original Mix]
  11. Nozem – Artoo [Original Mix]
  12. Flembaz – Gold Maxima [Original Mix]

RELEASE DATE 2023-05-22
LABEL Techgnosis Records

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