DC131_packshot_320pxThis is a collaboration i did together with John H & Petter B.

Description: Petter B delivers an outstanding new EP on Drumcode proving that Swedish techno is thriving! The first track which, is a collaboration between Petter B, John H & M.E.E.O, uses an arpegiated synth before storming to the main section of the track and breaking down the doors. The gliding synth sounds really fire with all guns blazing to produce a techno monster that growls. Petter B’s next two tracks involve two solo offerings that are heavily techno based. ‘Voltage Controlled Time’ uses raw distorted drums and a catchy synth line to really give the track a lot of energy and power. ‘Loggbay Session B’ incorporates a cool percussion element to the track to add rhythm and funk to the straight chunky drums.


Petter B feat. John H & M.E.E.O* Bergsjön Eternal 7:15
Petter B Voltage Controlled Time 7:09

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